The Dynamic Tech Ecosystem and How to Stay Above the Curve.

Nneka Akuma
3 min readNov 23, 2021


Previously, we knew someone(called a Web designer) built a website from start to finish. This Web designer used the languages(HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP etc) and the editors(notepad, sublime text etc.) on the old desktop computers.

Also, when the CorelDraw and Photoshop applications were used to make designs and edit images- possibly still in use but not so much now.

Now; when a website is to be built, this task is assigned to a team. A team which could comprise of the following experts depending on the size of the firm:

Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Product Manager, Product Designer etc. and along with these new roles are new editors, applications and technologies which are being used in this task delivery.

Photo by Jason Goodman on Unsplash

For someone who is a web designer and noticing changes happening. eg. Web designers are becoming frontend, backend, and full stack developers. They even now write codes with a new JS frameworks(eg. React) while you’re used to JQuery, there are even repositories now. We see upgraded desktop computers, laptops, even windows OS 8 updating to 10, people working remotely in different or same time zones etc. These are all different changes that has happened and more will.

There’s a saying that goes “Change is Constant” and I'm here to let you know that the tech ecosystem is not left out.

So, in order to help out a beginner or even an expert. I'll be sharing a few tips on how to evolve with the tech ecosystem…

Join Communities

It is very important to be an active member of a community related to your career- keyword ACTIVE. There are so many benefits of this; you get to network with different persons from different parts of the world, learning from them and vice versa. if there are any changes in a particular field(new technologies, roles etc.), it would be discussed there- thereby keeping you up to date. Your community could discover this new role or build this new technology.

Subscribe and Read Tech content

Subscribing and reading tech blogs regularly is another way to stay informed, these authors make sure they deliver daily content to their readers about the happenings in the tech ecosystem- could be local or international blogs. You could also subscribe to the channels of some tech experts on Youtube.

Learning never ends

It could get tedious or tiring sometimes but ensure you always practice and learn more about your tech career path. Learn more by enrolling for a new course or watching a video online, follow that expert on social media-could be Linkedin to find out about what they are currently working on or talking about.

Attend Tech events

It is very important to attend events based on specific topics in your career path and also some other paths. this can be an opportunity to learn or network with new techies.

In all you do, ensure you always stay in the loop.



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